Masters Mix Substrate (5LB)


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Step up your mushroom cultivation with the Sterilized Masters Mix from Colorado Mycology Company. Our specially formulated mix is a blend of 50% oak pellets and 50% soy hull pellets, meticulously hydrated to field capacity and then sterilized to ensure optimal growth conditions for your wood-loving mushrooms.

These 5 lb bags of Sterilized Masters Mix are designed for both novice and experienced growers who seek a straightforward yet effective approach to mushroom cultivation. By combining oak and soy hulls, this mix offers a nutrient-rich environment that mushrooms thrive in, promoting healthier growth and more abundant yields.

One of the key features of our Masters Mix is its convenience. There's no need for additional preparation or materials. Simply use the mix as a ready-to-go substrate for your mushroom cultivation. This saves time and effort, allowing you to focus on growing your mushrooms without the hassle of sourcing and preparing substrates.

We at Colorado Mycology Company are committed to providing products of the highest quality. Our Sterilized Masters Mix is no exception, ensuring that your mushrooms have the best possible start. This focus on quality not only simplifies the growing process but also enhances the success and productivity of your mushroom cultivation.

Get your hands on the Colorado Mycology Company's Sterilized Masters Mix today, and enjoy a more efficient, rewarding mushroom growing experience.

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