Popcorn Minibag 8 oz

Detailed Description: These minibags are specifically designed for mycology, providing a small amount of grain suitable for mushroom cultivation. They offer a far superior alternative to food-grade products commonly used by cultivators, such as 90 second rice bags.

Features: Hermetically sealed grain, self-healing injection port, .3-micron filter patch for oxygen intake and contamination prevention, heavy-duty bag for break and shake.

Ingredients: Popcorn


Usage Instructions:

In a sterile environment:
  • Prepare a syringe with spores or liquid culture
  • Sterilize the injection port with isopropyl alcohol
  • Inject the spores or culture through the port.The self-healing port requires no tape

Tech Specs


Suitable for shoebox technique/small-scale mushroom cultivation


10"x8" plastic bag


8.8 oz

Filter Type:

3M self-healing port

What is this product used for?

What are the main ingredients of this product?


How do I prepare the product for use?

  • Store the Minibag in a cool, dry place until ready for use. Gather your liquid culture or spore syringe and a sterile injection needle.
  • Prepare a clean, smooth work area and sterilize all work surfaces with isopropyl alcohol.
  • Ensure that all fans have been turned off and all windows have been closed for at least twenty minutes to encourage a still air environment. The cleaner your environment, the higher your success of avoiding contamination will be.
  • A clean kitchen or bathroom are good examples of ideal environments for the amateur mycologist.

How Long Does It Take for Mycelium To Start Growing?

Can I reuse this product after one cycle of growth?

How is the product packaged for shipping?

Shipping Info


Bags are sealed in zipper plastic bags and placed in appropriately sized cardboard boxes. Packing paper ensures bags are secure and undamaged during shipping. Boxes are discrete with no company branding on the outside.


Typically 6"x6"x6" box, varies with order quantity.


8.8 oz

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