How can I start growing mushrooms with Comyco products?

Welcome to the world of mushroom cultivation! At Comyco, we suggest beginning with our All- In-One Bags. These bags are crafted to simplify the mushroom growing process, offering you an easy and efficient way to cultivate mushrooms at home.

Simply inject your chosen liquid culture into the bag through the provided injection port, and watch your mushrooms grow!

Why choose Comyco's All-In-One Bags?

Our All-In-One Bags are designed to make mushroom cultivation straightforward and successful. Here’s what makes them special:

Comprehensive and Convenient: Each bag comes with sterilized grain and substrate, all in one package.

Easy to Use: Just inject spores or liquid culture, and the bag takes care of the rest. Enjoy multiple harvests directly from the bag.

High-Quality Ingredients: We use high-quality food-grade popcorn, lab-grade coco coir, and fine vermiculite for optimal water retention, ensuring a contamination-free and high- yield growing experience.

No Extra Equipment Needed: Forget complicated setups. Our bags make mushroom cultivation accessible and hassle-free.

What mushroom varieties can I grow with Comyco products?

Our products are versatile and can support the growth of various mushroom species. Whether you’re interested in cultivating dung-loving or wood-loving varieties, our substrates are designed to accommodate your needs.

What ingredients are used in your products?

At Comyco, we focus on simplicity and quality. Our products include:

High-Quality Food-Grade Popcorn: Used as a grain spawn for its excellent nutrient profile.

Lab-Grade Coco Coir: Ensures a clean and optimal growing environment.

Fine Vermiculite: Provides excellent water retention to support mushroom growth. How long can I store Comyco products?

How Long Can I Store Comyco Products?

For the best results, we recommend using our products as soon as possible. However, they can be stored for several months if kept away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.

What makes your sterilized grain superior?

Our sterilized grain is carefully prepared to ensure the best growing conditions. We use:

High-Quality Food-Grade Popcorn: Known for its nutrient-rich properties and optimal growth support.

Thorough Sterilization Processes: Guaranteeing contamination-free growth and promoting faster colonization.

How does your pasteurized substrate stand out?

Our pasteurized substrate is crafted using a unique and proprietary method to ultra-pasteurize the substrate, ensuring cleanliness and perfect moisture every time.

This method results in an ideal environment for mushroom growth.

Do you support commercial growers and retailers?

Absolutely! Comyco is dedicated to supporting both hobbyist and commercial growers.

If you’re looking to grow mushrooms as a business, our products can help streamline your operations and minimize contamination risks.

Contact us for a consultation to see how Comyco can assist your commercial growing needs.